Measles Outbreak, Disneyland, California, USA


Source: ProMED-mail Measles Update (03)


A measles outbreak associated with holiday tourists from around the world visiting Disneyland during the week before Christmas [17-20 Dec 2014]. The theme park offered prime conditions for measles to spread as visitors returned home. As of 14th January, at least 26 patients have been identified (with 6 hospitalisations) in California, Utah, Colorado, and Washington state. The outbreak was the worst in California in 15 years, in part because it occurred at a crossroads of the world, rather than in a smaller, isolated community.


A "significant number" of the Disneyland patients involved people were not immunized.


Comment: The problem is now spreading. Awareness of the travel history of patients presenting with a suspected measles-like rash is important.

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